1. After 20 years of operation, Families Under Urban and Social Attack, Inc. (FUUSA) has changed its name. Moving forward in optimism, the organization’s innovative name, Change Happens!, not only defines who it serves as the former name implied, but it also embraces the mission and vision of the organization in allowing the novel name to exhibit what this organization does for those it supports. In regards to the name change, Reverend Leslie Smith II, CEO and founder of Change Happens! replied, “I am ecstatic at what this organization is accomplishing and its enormous impact felt in and around the Houston area; and, as we strategically move forward, I am confident that our collaborative efforts with our partners will continue to have a profound affect on the Houston and surrounding areas. We are empowering families to help themselves!”

2. Urban Harvest, a local charitable organization that empowers people of diverse backgrounds to grow food, gardens, orchards and enhance farming, under the Urban Harvest Education Program, selected Change Happens! To receive tools donated by a five year old donor who asked all friends attending her party to bring garden tools as a gift to her. She donated these to Urban Harvest, and the organization ingeniously selected the children in the Change Happens! Organization to receive these contributions because these students exhibit interest and display teamwork during program participation.

3. Friday, August 6, 2006, CenterPoint Energy partnered with Change Happens! to provide its annual school supply give away for the youth participating in the Summer program. Janette Hammond, CenterPoint’s Community Relations Program Manager stated, “At CenterPoint Energy we believe it is our responsibility to give back to our surrounding communities, and to help make those communities safer and more aware of the danger and benefits of electricity.”

4. Saturday, August 29, 2009 more than 85 eager volunteers gathered early morning at Change Happens! to assist in a Community Cleanup effort hosted by Keep Houston Beautiful; Change Happens! was able to make this event a success because of the generous donations of supplies that included: safety equipment, cleaning supplies and lawn care equipment. The group of motivated and dedicated Houstonians freely shared their time and service to remind the Third Ward Community what the essence of caring and helping are all about!

5. In Summer 2009, Change Happens! partnered with Texas Workforce Solutions and provided job placement and job readiness skills for youth between the ages of 14-24. Subsequently, Change Happens! in a collaborative effort with approximately 25 job sites successfully employed over 140 students for the 2009 Summer Jobs Program.

6. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the presents in there for us,” replied seven-year-old Jonathan, who was a 2009 recipient of the Change Happens! holiday gift giveaway and party hosted for the past four years by Regina Mellinger. “It just warms our hearts when we see the smiles on their little faces, said Regina.