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April 2012 Publication

Rev. Leslie Smith was honored at AKA Luncheon

Rev. Leslie Smith was recognized for his untiring volunteerism as Founder and CEO  

of Change Happens! (formerly  

FUUSA).  He continues to follow the vision that God gave him 30 years ago. Rev. Smith understands that a vision demands that we often have to make decisions and commitments to the things that are not seen yet.  As the visionary, he has a clear insight and understanding of his purpose and was able to personally capture this vision that God has given him and share it with others. There are so many children and families in the low-income communities of Houston that have received ultimate benefits from the vision because a true vision will always benefit the needs of others.

Vanessa Reed (Comerica Bank)
Andrew Winbush (Yates High School)


Entrepreneurial Training Program   Andrew Winbush a ninth grader at Yates High School was awarded funding for his car wash business proposal by Comerica Bank. Last year youth ages 11-15 participated in our entrepreneurial prep class and had the opportunity to submit their business plans into a competition that resulted in funding for one of the participants. We are very honored to announce that Andrew had the grand opening for his mobile car wash on March 15th & 16th and it was a great success.  




spring breakfast logo

Change Happens!

Annual Spring Breakfast

This year our Annual Spring breakfast focused directly on our new programs and opportunities for our youth participating in our After-School/Summer Program through the expansion of our Career at a Glance, Entrepreneurial Training, and College Readiness Initiative. We would like to thank everyone that helped to make this event a huge success!




The Mercury Room will be hosting

Table Slam Charity Event-Saturday – June 16, 2012

Dominoes, Bid Whist & Spades Tournament  


Location-Mercury Room 1010 Prairie Houston, TX 77002

Doors open at 6:30 pm and tournament starts at 7:30pm

$50 Registration per team (2 people per team)

$35 Registration for Individuals (partners will be chosen at  tournament)  

$10 General Admission (Free for registered players)

Registration fee’s must be paid by June 10  

$500 First Place Cash Prizes 

Contact Anita for more information – 713-374-1291
Register online at http://www.changehappenstx.org/?page_id=1868

All proceeds will benefit Change Happens! Rescue Youth Program  









Change Happens! is now accepting applications  

for our Summer program.   

          Hours are Monday-Friday  8:00 – 5:30 PM

$35 one time enrollment fee

$25 Weekly Fee (covers field trip expenses)

Contact Ana at   713-374-1247 for more information


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