December 2012 Newsletter





Season’s Greetings from
Change Happens!


“Empowering Families To Help Themselves”


A Word From Rev. Leslie Smith


The end of another year is upon us and the holiday season has arrived in full force. I love the holidays and everything that comes with it such as the Christmas music, decorations, holiday treats, family time, and special memories. I have found that sometimes we get so wrapped up in checking off our to-do list during this time of year and making sure we get our shopping list completed, that we forget what this time of year is really about. We sometimes forget that it is a special time of year that allows us to make lasting memories with our children through holiday traditions, whether old or new. During this holiday season spend time thinking of others and involve your children in helping and thinking of others. You could invite an elderly neighbor over for Christmas dinner, buy gifts for those in need, bring food to the food drive, or any other giving service or gesture. Just remember to show your children that the spirit of the season is about giving to others not just about receiving.  I hope you have a Happy Holiday and find moments to spend quality time with your family and friends, make lasting memories, and teach a few life lessons along the way!




Be The Change Campaign

Andrew, a participant in the Rescue Youth Program, has seen some of the negative  

effects of living in one of the highest at-risk areas of Houston. He has seen classmates choose to not focus on an education, but a life of crime. However, Andrew has been focused on having a positive future. A future that includes a college education and owning his own business. At the age of 14 Andrew was granted a scholarship through the Change Happens! Entrepreneurial Training Pro-gram. He used those funds to start a successful car wash and while other youth were hanging out and getting into mischief, Andrew was focused on the revenue from his business.

Unfortunately, there are so many youth in the inner city that are dropping out of school, selling drugs and spending their young lives housed in Juvenile Detention Centers. Our goal is to prevent these youth from experimenting with drugs or being involved in other criminal activities that can lead to incarceration. We also want them to be encouraged and set an example in their families to graduate from high school and college.

This year we ask you to support our “Be the Change” campaign. Your donation will make it possible for Change Happens! to continue providing assistance to the ever increasing population affected by poverty and limited resources. As you think about giving during this holiday season, please consider making a year-end donation to Change Happens!. Your donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can give can help make a difference today. No amount is too small. You can make a contribution by visiting our website at


Change Happens! Youth “Showcase” Their Talents


Proud parents eagerly took photos of their child’s moment in front of the audience, as well as cheered or stood up in their seats clapping along with those trying to overcome shyness. The youth, ages 6 to 12, used lots of catchy music to mesmerize the energetic crowd with their talents.  Their demonstrations included dancing, stepping and modeling.  It was evident that the youth have been working on poise, self-esteem and self-confidence over the past six weeks in the Change Happens! After-School Program.  The After-School Program caters to children who live in low-income areas , are from families with financial hardship or face other obstacles and are at risk of falling through the cracks. One of the goals for Change Happens! is to give  the children a sense of belonging and pride, as well as an opportunity to show what they are capable of doing.





Primary Services Sponsor’s Youth Christmas Party

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, children everywhere are looking forward to Christmas.  They look forward to seeing the lights and other decorations around town as everyone gets ready for the big day. Yes, it is a glorious time to be a kid! However, that isn’t the case for a lot of children including those in the Greater Houston area.  Some youth will not have an opportunity of opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Primary Services has realized that and for the past 8 years they have worked with a group of volunteers to create a holiday as merry as possible for youth participants in the Change Happens! After-School Program.  This awesome group came out and provided Christmas cheer and gifts to the youth and shared plenty of holiday love and spirit.




Youth Spend Evening At Houston Rockets Game


The Houston Rockets donated tickets to the Change Happens! Youth Partners “CAN”  Mentoring Program which was both a positive and exciting experience.  Mentoring a young person is more important today than ever. It is also a rewarding journey. Through their mentors, youth are able to see new perspectives on life and begHouston Rockets Logoin to have expectations for themselves and a greater chance of succeeding. Often, children in at-risk environments do not receive positive mentoring, guidance or encouragement to pursue a brighter future.  Many children feel abandoned and become involved in inappropriate behavior, often resulting in dropping out of school, criminality, homelessness or incarceration. The goal of Change Happens! Youth Partners “CAN”  Mentoring Program is to encourage the children that they have the ability to affect the direction of their future. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and willing to spend a minimum of four hours per month and commit to one year of service; please contact Trinell at 713-374-1265 or for more information.   


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