Formerly known as Families Under Urban & Social Attack, Change Happens! is a nonprofit that transforms the lives of families and children in the highest-risk communities of Gulf Coast Region 6.  Change Happens! relies on support from individuals, foundation, grantors, and corporations interested in providing life improvements to families and communities.  When it comes to family-focused nonprofits, Change Happens! is a premier provider of services designed to bring positive change to communities.

Since 1989, Change Happens! has grown from one program to having more than 18 programs and 50 employees.  Similarly, its service area has expanded beyond Third Ward to encompass 13 counties in the Gulf Coast region.  Since its inception, Change Happens! has been a dynamic program that strives to provide or restore whatever resources are most scarce in the broken communities it serves.  In many instances, these resources are tangible.  However, they are most often the intangible gifts of hope, education, and empowerment.  These are the kind of resources that stay with our clients for a lifetime and give them the tools they need to become independent and productive.

Each year, Change Happens! empowers and educates over 100,000 adults and adolescents, and continually positions itself to increase its impact on local neighborhoods.  Today, Change Happens! is headquartered in a new three-story, 27,000 SF building in Houston’s Third Ward.  The building, erected on land once occupied by crack houses and condemned properties, is more than our headquarters.  Its presence in the community symbolizes the change and rebirth that much of Third Ward is starving for.  We are here to extend a hand to everyone who has been reaching out for deliverance.