Program & Services

Change Happens! has a variety of programs and services that includes: youth prevention, intervention and positive youth development, adolescent and adult substance abuse prevention and treatment, supportive services to the homeless, and HIV prevention.


Rescue Youth Program

Change Happens! is deeply committed to the belief that the values of today’s youth create the platform for tomorrow’s society.  The Rescue Youth Program was created to prevent youth involvement in drugs, alcohol, gangs, and other self-destructive activities.
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HYPE 2.0

Helping Youth Prevent Engaging in Risky Behavior (HYPE 2.0) program specializes in the educational empowerment of African American teens aged 15-19. By utilizing the evidence based curriculum Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART), HYPE 2.0 informs, engages, and encourages participants on both abstinence practices and contraception measures. Click Here For More Information


Project JUMP START is an intensive case management program incorporating workforce development and academic achievement goals for youth ages 14-21. Eligible participants have been involved with the juvenile justice system within 12 months prior to enrollment in the program as well as reside in one of Houston’s high poverty, high crime areas. Click Here For More Information

 Homeless Services Programs

Change HAPPENS! operates two housing programs, The RESCUE in Motion Permanent Housing Program and The RESCUE In Motion 4 Him Permanent Housing Program. Both programs are scattered site housing programs that provide a wide array of supportive services to chronically homeless men and women with disabling conditions. Click Here For More Information 

 The S.T.A.I.R.S Program (Services to Aid in Retaining Shelter)

This program provides intensive case management and therapeutic services to formerly chronically homeless men and women who reside in permanent housing.  The program’s purpose is to assist program participants. Click Here For More Information 

Youth Partners CAN Mentoring Program

Healthy adult role models are critical components in the mission to inspire and empower the youth of today. The Youth Partners CAN (Create A New Beginning) project will provide mentors and transitional services that will support the successful and safe transition of juvenile offenders from correctional facilities to their communities. This program will serve girls and boys from the ages of 10-17 throughout the city of Houston, Texas.  Confinement CAN be Transformed into Confidence — that’s our motto.
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HYPE Abstinence Education

Sexual abstinence is a challenging yet rewarding commitment.  HYPE, Helping Youth Prevent Engaging in risky behavior, is a Change Happens! abstinence program that provides youth with the information and skills needed to save sex for marriage.
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HIV Prevention Program

In the battle against HIV/AIDS, education is one of the most powerful weapons.  The Change Happens! HIV Prevention Program provides communities with multiple levels of intervention and education.
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Rescue in Motion Homeless Program

The purpose of the Rescue in Motion program is to help homeless individuals obtain permanent housing and provide them with the skills needed to avoid recidivism.
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Training Opportunities

There are so many ways to help the communities that Change Happens! serves.  That is why we love to invest in other community-based organizations that are just getting started.  We draw upon 20 years of operational experience to provide technical assistance to start up organizations that desire to offer helpful resources to communities in need.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of Change Happens!   We are always on the lookout for volunteers seeking a mutually rewarding opportunity to serve.
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