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Change Happens! is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that transforms the lives of families and children in the highest‐risk communities of Gulf Coast Region 6. Change Happens! relies on support from individuals, foundations, grantors, and corporations interested in providing life improvements to families and communities. Please help us continue to empower families and children to help themselves, through quality programs and services, that for over 20 years have made change happen in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Donations to Change Happens!  are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Matching Gifts
If your company matches donations made to nonprofit organizations like Change Happens! please send the appropriate form to:

Anita Bates
Assistant Director of Development
Change Happens!
3353 Elgin St
Houston, TX 77004

In-Kind Donations
Change Happens! has a need for non-financial gifts.   You may be able to provide an in-kind donation; that is, giving something that is tangible that is not cash. You may work at a graphic design company, a printing company, an organization that sells office supplies, or school uniforms. Donations of goods and services are equally as important as cash gifts.

Alternative Methods to Donate

Remainder Interest in a Residence – enables you to transfer title of property to Change Happens! while continuing to occupy and enjoy the property for life or a specified period of time.

Donor Advised Funds – may be used by donors who intend to give to Change Happens! and who wish to maximize their current income tax deductions in the process. You reap benefits similar to that of a private foundation minus the paperwork and start-up costs. All contributed funds are invested in selection of investment pools specified by the donor.

If you have questions or need additional information about making a gift to Change Happens! please contact Anita Bates via phone, (713) 374-1291, or email

The mule is a noble animal that has been the backbone of many great societies; helping them to build, grow, and flourish.  Christopher Columbus valued mules enough to take some on a 1493 voyage to what is now Haiti. George Washington bred horses, but started the mule industry in this country when the King of Spain gave him an Andalusian jack for breeding as a gift. To early Texas farmers, buying mules was as important as buying a car or truck is today, but mules did not come with a 100,000-mile warranty or cash-back rebates.  Today, mules serve just as much importance, if not more, in Haiti.

As efforts to rebuild Haiti continue many still struggle without basic necessities: shelter, food, transportation, etc.  For many people in Haiti cities and communities, churches and missions often help to meet the needs they are unable to themselves; therefore Change Happens! is launching a new Haiti relief campaign, “ Mules for Haiti.”  “Mules for Haiti” will provide pastors, ministers, and other clergy in Haiti with mules; these mules will provide a vital service for not only their congregations but also to the people in the communities they serve.

In Haiti mules are uses for a variety of things: riding, farming and packing supplies up and down mountains; however transportation is its primary function.  Due to the continuous economic hardships of the country, the high cost associated with purchasing and owning an automobile, and the treacherous terrain of the land, having a good mule far out weighs the benefits of a car.  To a Haitian, owning a mule is the equivalent of an American owning a heavy duty pick-up truck; however, the cost of a mule is far more economical than that of a truck.  The cost of a new mule in Haiti is about $800, to that of a good used mule which is about $500.  Together we can truly make a significant impact in the continuing relief efforts in Haiti and truly touch the lives of many Haitians through a simple act of kindness.  Join Change Happens! in its campaign to raise money for “Mules for Haiti.”  Change Happens!, is a 501 (c) (3) private, nonprofit charity, all donations for the Haiti relief effort are deductible to the extent allowed by law.  To make donations please click the Change Happens! Mules for Haiti button and click donate and type in the comment section on the online payment form – Mules for Haiti. To learn more about Rev. Smith’s and Change Happens! involvement with Haiti relief efforts click here.