Youth Partners CAN Mentoring Program

Healthy adult role models are critical components in the mission to inspire and empower the youth of today. The Youth Partners CAN (Create A New Beginning) project will provide mentors and transitional services that will support the successful and safe transition of juvenile offenders from correctional facilities to their communities. This program will serve girls and boys from the ages of 10-17 throughout the city of Houston, Texas.

Confinement CAN be Transformed into Confidence — that’s our motto. Confident that even though these youth are confined in a detention center, they CAN successfully reintegrate into the community, improve their school attendance, increase their social competence and many more positive factors that enhances safety and community capacity. The mentor relationship along with the many other resources we’ll provide will Create A New Beginning for these youth.

Will you join the mission to make Change Happen for a youth today? To learn more about how you can participate and become a mentor, please contact Trinell Davis  at 713-374-1265 or at