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Total Funding and Award Amount

The number of awards made to eligible applicants may range from $212,500 to $318,750 annually over a two-year period (pending availability of funds) with the award commensurate with meeting performance metrics. Awardees will participate for 2 years and will consist of two 12-month budgets.

Estimated Number of Awards

The estimated number of awards is 4-6 organizations. If the estimated number of eligible applicants (6) receive an award and request the anticipated maximum award amount of $318,750, Change Happens may reduce the award amount in accordance with the estimated maximum funding amount available for all applicants. Of the available funding, 20 percent is allocated for small, grassroots organizations.

Anticipated Award Dates

The anticipated award issuance date for these awards is November 2022.


Period of Performance

The period of performance for the award will be two years from the date of award (pending availability of funds). The estimated project period is:

First 12-month budget period:            11-1-2022 to 10-31-2023

Second 12-month budget period:        11-1-2023 to 10-31-2024



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