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The Youth Justice Community Reinvestment Fund (Fund) is a partnership between the Justice Administration Department (JAD) and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) to enhance and promote community-based programming to reduce juvenile justice involvement for youth. The Fund is meant to make direct investments into community-based organizations. Change Happens will serve as a “backbone” or intermediary that will engage with community stakeholders to identify the best investments that address disparities in our juvenile justice system. The grants from the Fund are appropriated by Harris County Commissioners Court and Harris County Justice Administration Department (JAD).


The Fund aims to address racial disparities in juvenile detention, expand the continuum of community-based prevention and alternatives to juvenile detention, and make a data-driven investment into community-based resources for youth. Moreover, the Fund will build sustainable capacity in community-based organizations that provide quality services that youth and families need. This is a grant opportunity for new and growing organizations to enhance capacity building and technical support to youth and family serving organizations that provide culturally appropriate service options that improve outcomes for youth and families. Change Happens will administer funds, provide and support the capacity and infrastructure development of direct service providers, collect data on outcomes, and use the data to help providers improve through ongoing coaching and technical assistance.

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