Change Happens! offers employees a dynamic and demanding place to work. We believe that hiring and retaining talented, hardworking employees is a prerequisite to client satisfaction, business development, and a progressive work culture. It is no accident that a friendly, stimulating, team-oriented work environment exists behind our doors.


To best serve our clients’ many needs, Change Happens! houses a number of programs. This means that employees have the opportunity to gain valuable information in areas beyond the scope of their assigned roles. Whether they work in Adult or Youth Services, our employees are well-versed in the challenges that face our community, our clients, and the Greater Houston area.


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Change Happens! recognizes that there is much more to life than work. We believe our team members should be able to take advantage of quality healthcare for themselves and their family. That is why our benefits program has been designed to help Change Happens!’ employees and their families stay healthy, balance personal and career priorities, and build a solid and secure future.

                                      POSITIONS AVAILABLE

Position: ACA Navigator (1 full-time position (Houston, TX), 1 full-time remote position (Beaumont,TX)
Program: Navigator
Overview: The ACA Navigator is responsible for conducting outreach and education activities that will inform and educate the community about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and insurance options in the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. The Navigator will disseminate information and assist individuals to apply for health insurance services. This position reports to the Program Coordinator. APPLY HERE!

Position: Data Specialist (1 full-time position)
Program: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Overview: The Data Specialist is responsible for verifying data and preparing materials for collection.  The Data Specialist will enter data in specific data fields, using keyboards or scanners.  This position reports to the Program Coordinator. APPLY HERE!

Position: Linkage Coordinator (1 full-time position)
Program: HIV Prevention
Overview: The Linkage Coordinator will conduct HIV outreach, counseling, testing, and referral services; document activities; implement behavioral interventions, collect data and provide other HIV prevention services in targeted communities; and provide linkage for clients to HIV medical care and case management, partner services and essential services as needed. This is a full-time position that reports to the program coordinator. APPLY HERE!

Position: Neighborhood Connections Project Manager
Program: Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Planning Project 
Overview: The Neighborhood Connections Project Manager oversees and manages project activities for a community-driven neighborhood plan for Northern Third Ward, Houston, Texas. Change Happens, several other non-profit organizations, and community stakeholders represent a strategic alliance with a common goal to help redevelop the Northern Third Ward by implementing a resident-driven participatory neighborhood planning effort. The neighborhood plan sets a long-term direction with a measurable action plan for a complete neighborhood where everyone can grow and thrive.  The primary role of the Project Manager is to provide management, administration, and leadership to ensure that the project proceeds on time, within budget, and meets quality standards. The Project Manager will facilitate the implementation of neighborhood-wide goals by engaging the community in thoughtful stakeholder dialogue, promoting micro-projects, recruiting volunteers to support these efforts, and developing media and communication tools to share the story of service.  The Project Manager must ensure that the project is effectively resourced, and that relationships with a wide range of groups and community stakeholders are managed. This will involve the production of plans, documentation and the provision of guidance for the project team (consultants, administrative support staff, Steering Committee, and Change Happens).  It is expected that this position will communicate effectively and provide timely project status information to Change Happens and the Steering Committee on a routine basis. This position will require evening and weekend work, with travel throughout the area as required. This position reports to Change Happens’ Chief Executive Officer and the Northern Third Ward Implementation Steering Committee.  APPLY HERE!

Position: Prevention Specialist (1 full-time position, 1 part-time position)
Program: Rescue Youth 
Overview: The Prevention Specialist is responsible for providing prevention/intervention services to program participants and/or their families. The Prevention Specialist will monitor program and group activities to ensure that they are consistent with Change Happens! policies and procedures and the requirements of the funding sources. APPLY HERE!

Position: Program Administrator (1 full-time position)
Department: Administration
Overview: The Program Administrator coordinates and manages day-to-day oversight of program administrative activities. Duties include communicating between program managers, coordinators, and other staff to ensure that programs are executed with fidelity and that guidelines and policies comply with all funding entities. The Program Administrator will complete a broad variety of administrative tasks that facilitate the CEO’s ability to effectively lead the organization, including monitoring and coordinating program activities; assisting with special projects; designing and producing complete documents, reports and presentations; collecting and preparing information for meetings with staff and outside parties; conduct research activities in preparation for funding requests, performance reports, dissemination of information to stakeholders and other interested parties; and monitor effectiveness of program and recommend adjustments as needed. APPLY HERE!

Position: Risk Assessment Specialist (1 full-time position)
Program: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Overview: The Risk Assessment Specialist conducts assessments with INSIGHT and TMAC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program participants and makes linkages to community resources and program services for youth program participants as needed. The Risk Assessment Specialist will assess participants for Adverse Childhood Effects (ACEs) and trauma to plan prevention activities accordingly.  APPLY HERE!

Position: Special Projects Community Outreach and Education Specialist (2 temporary full-time positions)
Program: Special Projects
Overview: The Special Projects Community Outreach and Education Worker is responsible for implementing outreach and education strategies that expand, support, and promote community awareness of Public Health issues, social determinants of health, and other concerns that impact the community.  The Special Projects Community Outreach and Education Worker is responsible for promoting programs targeted at improving public health. This position will work within communities to identify and promote effective strategies that will be effective in preventing disparities to mitigate the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on targeted populations. This is a full-time, nine-month temporary position and reports to the Special Projects Specialist. APPLY HERE!

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