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Change Happens! offers employees a dynamic and demanding place to work. We believe that hiring and retaining talented, hardworking employees is a prerequisite to client satisfaction, business development, and a progressive work culture. It is no accident that a friendly, stimulating, team-oriented work environment exists behind our doors.


To best serve our clients’ many needs, Change Happens! houses a number of programs. This means that employees have the opportunity to gain valuable information in areas beyond the scope of their assigned roles. Whether they work in Adult or Youth Services, our employees are well-versed in the challenges that face our community, our clients, and the Greater Houston area.


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Change Happens! recognizes that there is much more to life than work. We believe our team members should be able to take advantage of quality healthcare for themselves and their family. That is why our benefits program has been designed to help Change Happens!’ employees and their families stay healthy, balance personal and career priorities, and build a solid and secure future.

                                      POSITIONS AVAILABLE

Position: ACA Navigator (4 full-time positions (Houston, TX), 1 full-time remote position (Beaumont, TX)
Program: Navigator
Overview: The ACA Navigator is responsible for conducting outreach and education activities that will inform and educate the community about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and insurance options in the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. The Navigator will disseminate information and assist individuals to apply for health insurance services. This position reports to the Program Coordinator. 
Status: Accepting Applications. Click Here to apply. 

Position: Case Manager (1 full-time position)
Program: Self-Sufficiency Program
Overview: The Case Manager for the Self-Sufficiency Program will have the primary responsibility for ensuring that low-income adult workers receive ready access to an array of education, training, and employment services. The Case Manager will be part of an innovative team of service providers and educational experts that will work collectively to create/implement an innovative program for low-income adult workers in Houston, Texas who face the greatest barriers to finding employment. The Case Manager will provide one-on-one support services to at-risk and low-income workers who are preparing to join the workforce. The Case Manager will assess basic needs, identify barriers to employment, develop an Individual Service Plan to address those barriers, and coordinate services to help program participants prepare for and secure high-wage, in-demand jobs with a career path upon completion of training programs. The Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator reports to the Program Coordinator. 
Status: Accepting Applications. Click here to apply. 

Position: Prevention Specialist (2 full-time positions)
Program: Rescue Youth 
Overview: The Prevention Specialist is responsible for providing prevention/intervention services to program participants and/or their families. The Prevention Specialist will monitor program and group activities to ensure that they are consistent with Change Happens! policies and procedures and the requirements of the funding sources.
Status: Accepting Applications. Click here to apply. 

Position: Program Assistant and Data Specialist (1 full-time position)

Program: Navigator and Connecting KIDS
Overview: The Program Assistant & Data Specialist position is responsible for completing administrative duties for the Navigator and Connecting Kids to Coverage programs. This includes compiling program reports and preparing materials for submission.  The Program Assistant & Data Specialist will also be responsible for ordering and maintaining program supplies and marketing/promotional materials, staffing the program hotline, and distributing calls as needed. This position reports to the Outreach Program Coordinator.
Accepting Applications. Click here to apply. 

Position: Program Coordinator (1 full-time position)
Program: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Overview: The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating, and monitoring the day-to-day program activities that they are assigned. Other responsibilities include quality assurance monitoring, gathering data, compiling data to complete performance reports, and directing staff to achieve program and organizational goals and objectives. The TPP Program Coordinator will provide oversight for all teen pregnancy prevention programs.
Accepting Applications. Click here to apply. 

Position: Outreach and Enrollment Specialist (3 full-time positions)
Program: Connecting Kids
Overview: The Outreach and Enrollment Specialist is responsible for conducting outreach and enrollment activities that will inform and educate the community about Medicaid and CHIP services. This position will also assist individuals to obtain information that is necessary to apply and enroll. This position reports to the Program Coordinator. 
Status: Accepting Applications. Click here to apply. 

Talent Pool Opportunities: Click the job title below to explore.
Case Managers

Childcare Specialist
Health Educator
Outreach Specialist
Risk Reduction Specialist

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