About Us

The Change Happens! CDC is committed to making dreams of long-term economic stability come true. Whether one dreams of owning a home, sustaining affordable home-ownership, starting or expanding a business, or acquiring financial management skills, we can help make one’s dream a reality. We understand the trends and dynamics that affect and shape the City of Houston. More importantly, we understand our clients’ ever-changing needs. Supporting clients through innovative programs and services is the most valuable service we can provide. Our service contributions are felt throughout Houston and surrounding community.


In 2001, the need for community development specifically targeting the areas of Houston, TX hit hardest by poverty became more pronounced. It was evident that there was a need for well constructed, low income housing for community residents, as well as an urgent need to rehabilitate dilapidated homes throughout the neighborhoods of Third Ward Houston. Similarly, it became clear that to create a "complete community," more high-quality retail, business and service related structures would need to be build. In 2003, Change Happens! launched the Change Happens! CDC to address these dire community needs. That year, the CDC unveiled its first development venture and opened the doors of a new, 27,000 sq. ft., three-story building that would serve as the Change Happens! headquarters and the numerous community services it offers.



The Change Happens! CDC’s main campus is location in the Third Ward, approximately 2.5 miles south of the central business district . The Third Ward community encompasses a population of approximately 15,463 residents, 79% of whom are African American. The Change Happens! CDC also maintains low-income housing units among Houston’s greatest at-risk neighborhoods.


Targeted Programs and Services

•    Housing Rehabilitation

•    Small Business Lending and Business Training / CDFI
•    Rental Assistance
•    Home Ownership Centers
•    Affordable Housing Development
•    Energy Conservation
•    Green Initiatives