Change Happens! is currently seeking proposals for the services listed below. Interested parties should take notice and submit a letter of interest accordingly. 

Letter of Interest Format:
Letters of Interest must include, but need not be limited to, the following information:
 An introduction providing information on your business, including qualifications and accomplishments
 Prior contract experience, including examples of completed projects of a similar nature.
 At least three recent (within the last 5 years) client references complete with client name, service description, service length, contact name, address, and telephone numbers.


Due Date
Three (3) copies of the Letter of Interest should be delivered via hand delivery, fax, mail, or email by 5:00 PM CST, August 20, 2018, to the following address:

Change Happens!
Attn: Proposals
3353 Elgin Street
Houston, TX 77004
Email: info@changehappenstx.org
Fax: 713-651-8045

Information Technology Services– provide ongoing support and coordination to ensure proper implementation of new technology, general management and operation, along with maintenance and/or troubleshooting of existing systems.

Internal Audit– determine whether internal controls over financial and operating data are adequate and effective to provide reasonable assurance that financial and operating information is accurate and reliable; whether internal controls over compliance with laws, regulations, contracts, grants, policies, and procedures are adequate and effect to ensure that proper compliance actually occurs; whether controls over Change Happens operations provide reasonable assurance that Change Happens resources are used efficiently and economically; whether controls over operations and programs are adequate and effective to provide reasonable assurance that the operations and programs are being carried out as planned and that the result of operations are consistent with goals and objectives.

Human Resources– provide general Human Resources support to Change Happens administration; review current and historical overall compensation programs/philosophies and complete compensation study update based on current market data; review job descriptions and revise as needed; develop new job descriptions as needed; review existing human resources infrastructure; provide recommendation and strategies for development of revised and/or new processes, programs and practices on Human Resources matters; develop performance appraisal process and train Managers on goal setting, leadership, and communication as they relate to Change Happens operational values; Determine appropriate training and provide administrative support to deliver training; Provide support for implementation of policies and procedures and to support management.

Nonprofit Legal Assistance– serve as contracted legal counsel providing legal advice, counsel, services, and consultation to the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and Senior Management team on a wide variety of subject matters, specifically legal guidance in dissolution of a joint venture between two nonprofit organizations as it relates to General Non-Profit Law, Labor Law, General State and Federal Laws Relating to Grant and Contract.

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