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As the intermediary organization, Change Happens is seeking applications from youth and family serving community-based organizations in Harris County, Texas. These awards are designed to address long-term juvenile delinquency prevention; build the capacity of community-based organizations; to enhance programs that serve youth and families through positive youth development, advocacy, delinquency prevention and intervention programs that strengthen families and communities; engage youth voices and empower youth leadership; advance racial equity and inclusion; and foster positive family relationships. Engaging with supportive services in a community-based setting can help youth navigate and mitigate barriers to successfully transition to adulthood by accessing supportive services to meet basic needs.


Change Happens is one of the largest black-founded and black-led, community-based, social service organizations in the Greater Gulf Coast region. Change Happens was founded in 1989 and has a thirty-three-year history in working with vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. The mission of the organization is to “empower people to help themselves.” Change Happens has a holistic approach and offers a wide range of programs including: afterschool and summer enrichment programs; permanent housing and support services; substance misuse prevention for youth; education, training, workforce development and connection to employment; federal Navigator program for access and enrollment to health care coverage; HIV prevention; substance misuse and co-occurring mental disorders treatment; teen pregnancy prevention; case management and wrap around services to youth and young adults involved in the criminal justice system; and mentoring. Moreover, the organization provides capacity building programs to community-based organizations, and leads neighborhood efforts for affordable housing, economic development, increasing services for children and families, and increasing community engagement and advocacy.

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