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"The project's mission is to support resident-driven processes to achieve a healthy, diverse and sustainable community, based on resident defined community needs."

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The Northern Third Ward Project is looking for fun, energetic, and passionate volunteers to become a volunteer canvasser. Sign up here!

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The Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project identifies critical issues in our neighborhood. Through resident and stakeholder participation, the Project's plan formulates strategies and specific action steps that will lead to the successful development and enhancement of our community. Recently, the Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project was funded by The Wells Fargo Foundation, to implement community improvements over five years in the areas of: neighborhood building, education, economic development and workforce, housing, and services for children, youth, and families.

Our community is a village, where we nurture and care for one another. We will have access to the opportunities and resources we need to succeed and thrive in the community we have and will continue to call home. The history and culture of our community is celebrated and preserved—and is the foundation upon which we build our future.

The Northern Third Ward Consortium was formed in October 2015 to lead a participatory neighborhood-planning effort in response to an invitation from Wells Fargo Regional Foundation to apply for a Neighborhood Planning Grant. The original NTW Consortium members included: Change Happens! (social services), Change Happens! Community Development Corporation (CDC), Project Row Houses, Row House CDC, University of Houston, Wheeler Avenue Triangle Ministries, Inc., and William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


Rev. Preston Allen

Dominique Calhoun, Esq.

Carl Davis

Curtis Davis

Rev. Linda Davis

Joe C. Fuentes Jr.

Edwin Harrison

Lynn Henson

Rev. Warren Hill

Jason Hyman

Cheryl Lawson

Alicia Lewis

Natasha Martinez

Edith Selgary

Blynthia Scott

Maia Shelby

Helen Stagg

Gayle Waden

Stephen Williams

Lawrence Battle

Cecil Garrick II

Kirk Jackson

For more information, contact DeMarcus Foster, the Program Manager or visit our Facebook page.

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