The Change Happens! HIV Prevention team believes that education and prevention are the most powerful weapons to combat HIV/AIDS. Moreover, the team's veteran case managers, Amana Turner and Royal Wallace, are committed to serving at-risk individuals by educating and supporting them in their journey to attain necessary health resources and an improved quality of life. Touched by the care he received from our HIV Team, a recent HIV client shared in his testimony. 

Read "Client A's" testimony below.


Dear Royal & Ms. Turner,

I just wanted to take out the time to thank both of you for everything you’ve done for me in the past year. 


I Know I was difficult but you never gave up on me even after I gave up on myself. The past 2 years were some of the darkest times I’ve ever experienced, and I truly didn’t think I would come out of it. Royal it was your story that inspired me to believe and not lose hope. I will always be thankful & grateful for your support and encouragement. You’re truly a guiding angel.

Ms. Turner,

The moment I walked in the room with room with you, I felt a sense of peace and calm. Your words of wisdom were the most nurturing and honest. So honest that immediately it made me take a look deep inside and find the voice that has always been there. I had only met you one time, but your genuine concern and heart completely blew me away. No one had ever before promised to stay in touch & to make sure that I did what I said I was gonna do. I realized at that moment, I needed to love myself more 'cause how can a person who has only met me once genuinely care about me & I don’t care about myself and my own health. So thank you for holding my hand & reminding me that I’m loved & that my life matters. I will forever be grateful for you both.



- Client A


P.S. Nearly a month on medicine & feel great!

As a result of the HIV Prevention Team's work, over 875 at-risk individuals have been tested for HIV/AIDS and 15 have learned of their HIV Positive status and been linked to care this year. With the Team's commitment, Change Happens! has provided essential education and services to those who need it most.

This is what it looks like to make change happen! 

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