Four members of the Change Happens! Rescue Youth Team spent the year on the campus of HISD's Westbury High School, a Title I school in Southwest Houston. In partnership with the Westbury Wraparound Services staff, Rescue Youth provided educational enrichment through the evidence-based Positive Action curriculum and offered intervention counseling services to 21 students considered at-risk for dropping out.


The Rescue Youth Team met one-on-one with students to identify goals, devise action plans for success, and to determine needs. Throughout the school year, these students addressed self-esteem, decision making, conflict resolution, time management, teamwork, dining etiquette, and more with the Rescue Youth Team. The group even spent the day building bridges with senior citizens at a local nursing home, where they discussed life lessons and how to overcome personal challenges. 

Ultimately, Mr. Craig Zeno, the school's wraparound specialist, praised the Rescue Youth Team for the incredible strides his students made over the year. Not only did most of the students meet their identified goals, but the group experienced an improvement in grades across the board, an increase in attendance rates, and a decrease in suspensions and behavioral incidents.

To learn more about the Rescue Youth program, click here.


Dear Change Happens!,

On behalf of Westbury High School, please accept our appreciation for the excellent job your staff has done over the past several months on our campus. Change Happens Rescue Youth team arrived on Westbury's campus this year with a mission to impact students’ lives. Because of their hard work and dedication, our students are being helped.


Thanks to your staff's teamwork and energy, our students are learning valuable lessons and life skills. You and your employees should take great pride in this accomplishment.


Glenn Carter, Oseme Ojeme, Trichelle Numa, and Lauren Harris each have engaged our students with outstanding services. The value of the lessons, activities, resources, and one-on-one mentoring is having a transformative impact that I am confident will assist students in the classroom and beyond.


Sincerely yours,

Craig Zeno

Wraparound Services Specialist, Westbury High School

Students coming together in prayer during a dining etiquette exercise.

Wraparound Services Class, Westbury High School

The seeds of promise that were planted in each of the students served by the Rescue Youth Team are germinating. Due to the consistent and empowering work with the team, several students were able to get reinstated into classes, a couple were able to attain a summer job, and a few submitted college applications when they were not previously considering college at all. As a result of the Rescue Youth Team's work this year, the lives of several high-risk students at Westbury High School will have a very different trajectory. With the team's commitment, Change Happens! has provided hope and life-changing education to those who need it most.

This is what it looks like to make change happen! 

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