The Change Happens! Rescue In Motion Homeless Outreach program is committed to helping homeless men and women with disabilities secure permanent housing and attain the skills needed to avoid recidivism. A recent client, we'll call him John, entered the Rescue In Motion homeless program in despair, but is now back on his feet, with a new career and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Read "John's" testimony and learn of his achievements below.


Dear CHANGE HAPPENS! Rescue in Motion Staff,

Funny how time flies. Another year has come and gone. Well, it’s that time of year when my case management is up for review. This is the time in which my goals will be assessed, and the measure by which I am accomplishing them. My case manager, Krishna Griffeth, with CHANGE HAPPENS!, is set to evaluate the progress of my efforts to re-integrate into mainstream living.

I became homeless in October 2013 due to several medical illnesses. I applied for housing with [...] the Coalition for the Homeless. Within two weeks, I was referred to CHANGE HAPPENS! When I arrived at the intake meeting (one year ago), Ms. Krishna Griffeth (Rescue In Motion Case Manager) and Mr. Rhonny Leopold (Rescue In Motion Program Coordinator) were my first contacts [...]. I remember Mr. Leopold asking me if I felt that the program could be effective for me. I responded by telling him, “I am like a third-degree burn”. I had been so physically, psychologically and emotionally abused that I didn’t trust anyone, and had lost most of my self-worth. I didn’t want to be just another crossed “t” or dotted “i” on somebody’s [...] client tracking report. I wanted to feel like a person with purpose again. I wanted someone to care more about me as a person rather than as “an aggregation of client-level data across homeless service agencies to generate unduplicated counts and service patterns of clients served.”

 "I really feel like a concerted effort was, and is, being made to ensure that I have, and can maintain a stable foundation for life through self-empowerment."

I was very skeptical of the level and tenacity in which [Change Happens! ] would operate on my behalf. To my surprise, I was addressed with the utmost concern for my full well-being. My overall physical, mental and emotional concerns were addressed very adequately, professionally and humanely. I really feel like a concerted effort (by Ms. Griffeth et al.) was, and is, being made to ensure that I have, and can maintain a stable foundation for life through self-empowerment. Through shared client and case management efforts, we have been able to structure an attainable and formidable plan which lists specific goals in a specific and surmountable frame of time.


I am very pleased with the progress that we have made. I have also made some very exceptional strides in my health and well-being, mostly due to the credit of the Volunteer Services of the Harris Health System via Ben Taub General Hospital. The various departments, in which I have been allowed to serve, (NeuroPsychiatric Center, Chaplain Services/Spiritual Care, Human Resources, and the Emergency Center) have afforded me the benefit of helping others. Through serving others, I have been rooted in my own self-worth, and have been refreshed and renewed in the understanding of “no man is an island.” We all need help.

I am writing this letter to say, “Thank you”, to those who have assisted in my comeback. It is very refreshing to find a group of people who intentionally put together all of their resources to operate not as four fingers and a thumb, but as a hand. I give great praise and applause to my case manager, Krishna Griffeth, and the staff of CHANGE HAPPENS!, and I look forward to continuing to strive to create a better quality of life.

"John" - Rescue in Motion Client

As a result of the Rescue In Motion Homeless Outreach team's work, John was connected with the Harris Health System, where he volunteered and was later hired for a full-time position. Today, John is living an empowered and sustainable life, meeting his goals and contributing to his community.  

This is what it looks like to make change happen! 

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