Table Captain Role and Responsibilities


Table Captains play an essential role in ensuring the Spring Breakfast is a success. Being a table captain is an excellent way to take on a significant role in promoting this annual event. In addition, you have the opportunity to make your own table special by inviting friends, family and colleagues to join you. By stepping up to be a Table Captain, you commit to filling a table of 9 guests for the Spring Breakfast in April.


Responsibilities of a Table Captain include:

  1. Fill your table by extending invitations. Invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or whomever you feel may have an interest in the work of Change Happens! The best invitation is a personal one. Invite your guests in person, by telephone or even through an email. Let potential guests know that there are opportunities to sponsor the event, donate an auction item, and/or make an in-kind donation. Even when you have filled your table, you can continue inviting and recruiting more guests! There will always be last minute changes and a conflict may come up in a guest’s schedule. So, continue spreading the word about the Spring Breakfast! We will attempt to accommodate all guests.

  2. Set a goal for your Breakfast Table. Consider what you would like to raise and then invite your friends to help you reach your goal. We hope to see each table raise at least $500, but the sky is the limit! Should you receive regrets from those who cannot attend, suggest that they consider donating to support Change Happens! and help you reach your table goal. All gifts, small and large, make a big impact!

  3. Pre-register your guests! The Spring Breakfast is a complimentary event however, pre-registration of guests is requested and table captains are responsible for submitting their guests’ registration information. As guests begin to RSVP to your table invitation, please register them using our online registration form (to be provided). All guest registrations are due by March 27, 2020. Please email with any changes or updates after the deadline.

  4. Check-In at the event. On the day of the Spring Breakfast, check-in at the registration table where you will receive your nametag and Table Captain packet, including the giving cards for your guests and a check- list for you.

  5. Encourage your guests to give! During “The Ask” portion of the event lead by the event chairs, pass the provided giving cards around to your guests. There will be clear instructions for steps to giving. Please make sure your guests fully complete the giving card provided or complete the online giving form from their phones. Remind your guests that their company can match their gift if it has a matching gift program. If they brought a matching gift form, ask them to include it with their giving card. Collect completed giving cards from your guest and leave them in your packet. Change Happens! staff will collect the table’s packet.

  6. Thank your guests. Spend a moment showing appreciation to your guests by having a personal conversation with them about the impact they have made on Change Happens! by attending the Spring Breakfast. Introduce your guests to the Change Happens! staff and other guests, as networking is a benefit of attendance.

  7. Follow-Up. Please follow-up with any of the guests from your table to make sure they had the opportunity to give and all of their inquiries about the organization and/or the program have been answered sufficiently.

  8. Give us feedback! We are so thankful for the work you have done serving as a Table Captain and we are eager to hear your thoughts on how we improve upon the event for the next year. Your feedback is invaluable. Please feel free to contact our Development Office with your insights by emailing them to or calling Nekia Robinson at (713) 374-1291.