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The target population for the Fund is “at-risk” youth 5-18 years of age and families impacted by the justice system. Efforts must be targeted to populations that are disproportionately impacted by the juvenile justice system. For example, according to data provided through the Harris County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative there are disparities for youth of color nationally and in our juvenile system. In 2020, African American youth were nineteen (19) times more likely to be confined in Harris County than white youth. In 2020, Hispanic youth were almost seven (7) times more likely to be confined in Harris County Juvenile Probation Department than white youth. According to data from this year, most of the youth referred to JPD are young males of color with a median age of 15. Additionally, most youth pending court are Medicaid eligible at 63.2% and a majority of youth in detention have untreated disabilities or mental health issues.


While there are no geographic requirements other than being Harris County-based, special consideration in the selection process will be given to services provided in priority places where a considerable number of youth have been referred to the juvenile justice system and target populations that are disproportionately involved with the justice system.

“At-Risk Youth” shall be described as any Harris County youth 5-18 years of age and described as one or more of the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Living within a family below 200% of federal poverty line

  • Youth involved in the justice system or youth charged with committing a crime

  • Victims of child abuse, domestic violence, maltreatment and/or neglect

  • Exhibiting self-destructive behavior

  • School truancy or youth who have dropped out of school

  • Youth in need of safe places, caring adults and/or structured activities

  • Youth with three (3) or more hours of idle time per day

  • Lack of parental support or positive role model

  • Youth who are experiencing homelessness or youth who has run away from home

  • Considered for placement outside the home

  • Mental or behavioral health services needs

  • Youth in need of supervision

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