The Liberation Project goal is to help liberate the Third Ward community in Houston, Texas, from systemic racism through individual and collective actions of solidarity and equity. The project has a two-phase approach, including a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and Mobilizing the Community .


The aims of the project include:  

1) Increased knowledge about systemic racism and its impact on people of color; 2) Encourage the community to engage in racial justice through individual and collective actions of liberation 

3) Build solidarity among Third Ward partner organizations toward a unified goal of fighting systemic racism. 


The Liberation Project will consist of mobilizing the community through, “30 days of Liberation." Specifically, The SWAT team has identified four areas in which activities will center including Black economics, Black health, Black

education, and the Black vote. Beginning October 1, 2020, project participants will engage in action steps for that help to promote liberation. 

Please click here to participate in the Liberation Project, and for your chance at a prize.