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Winter Storm:  Common Hope Relief Fund


We all face the challenges presented by the recent winter storm.  However, not everyone was at the same starting place before the storm.  As with any calamity, the most vulnerable and marginalized communities suffer disproportionately during a crisis.  Their current situational condition only adds to the list of disadvantages these communities face.  Indeed, many people are struggling to stay safe and feed their families.  Change Happens’ Winter Storm: Common Hope Relief Fund will help individuals and families:


  • With food and water;

  • Support families and individuals that are unsheltered; 

  • Aid in emergency support and provide direct financial assistance to meet multiple needs, e.g., assist people without insurance and seniors whose homes suffered damage as a result of frozen water pipes.

As Martin Luther King Jr said in 1967: “We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.”  Help Change Happens help others.  Help us expand our common human capacity to give hope and love during this difficult time. Donate Now to the Winter Storm:  Common Hope Relief Fund.

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