The VOICES program at Change Happens! was awarded funding from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. VOICES is a wraparound program that targets girls under 18 years, who are at risk of juvenile justice involvement. The goal of VOICES is to empower participants to discover themselves and work towards transformation by providing tools to enhance their self- esteem, connect with others, healthy living (body, mind, and spirit), and planning for their futures. This program also includes parents, correctional officers, and community organizations in a collaborate model of care. The primary outcome is to reduce the risk of future justice involvement among girls in Houston, TX. Click HERE to look at the VOICES Brochure.

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Any woman older than 21 who wishes to invest their time, money, resources, opportunities, mentorship can join the support network called the Women's Tribe. All interested volunteers must complete both the form below, and the Change Happens! Volunteer Form. 

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Change Happens! in partnership with Family Houston conducted a free Parenting Program known as "The Parenting ToolKit." This series was broken up into three different sessions, Disrupting Generational Hurt, Attachment and Bonding and Disciplining with Love.

These topics focus on a variety of principles such as positive parenting, taking part in family decision making, developing a healthy lifestyle, getting involved in school activities, being socially skilled, keeping commitments, and taking care of others. Family Houston mission is to create a stronger community for tomorrow by helping individuals and families meet the challenges they face today. Helping others help themselves. 

We celebrate our VOICES girls and remind them that they are Empowered, they are Unique and they are Transformed!

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Sujeeta Menon, PhD, LMSW
Program Coordinator


Rebekka Vera
WraparoundCase Manager